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300AH Advanced Lithium Battery

$2,820.00 USD

The bigger, better battery. 300Ah LiFePO4 Advanced Lithium Battery from Go Power! is engineered for high performance and connectivity. Part of the new PowerTrak™ line of connected products, this battery is the ideal cornerstone for any RV mobile power system. UL-rated and built for longevity and life on the road. 10-year pro-rated warranty Can be wired in series or parallel. UL listed and UKCA certified.


  • Bluetooth®-enabled, smart features
  • Can be used with lithium compatible Go Power! solar, inverters and charge controllers
  • Built-in smart DC heater
  • Max Power Capacity; carries almost double the power of regular batteries
  • Lightweight
  • UKCA Certified
  • Quick-charging
  • IP68 waterproof (should not be submerged)
  • Internal Battery Management System (BMS) protects against:
    • Over and under voltage
    • Over and under temperature
    • Charge and discharge over current
    • Short circuit
  • 10-year pro-rated warranty